Call for participation – Sound &/or Text for installation ‘TheROOM’ – e-deadline 3 April 2009

The upcoming installation ‘TheROOM’, a part of ‘SOUNDLEAK’ project, will open in Wels, Austria on April 9, 2009.

As a part of the ROOM feature, you are invited to participate with ‘sounds of your room & neighbors/neighborhood’.



‘TheROOM’ is a study of ‘hearing through the walls, partitions, and visually blocked area’ by Keiko Uenishi (o.blaat).

It is a simulation of your neighbor. Any kind of neighbor: next door, any home on the street you’d walk by, the office room next to you, etc.

We hear sounds all the time through visual partitions beyond which we tend to believe ‘the separate space there.’ However, aurally speaking, the space is not easily divided with clear lines. Complexity resides in the overlaps. The overlaps are the intersections of aural arena, and the region of ambiguity.

There are many questions on ‘the region’ and our reactions towards the ‘bleeding’ (things not fitting in the visual boundaries.)

What is happening in there? What are we sharing? – though we seem to make attempts to block anything ‘not matching’ with the visual boundaries? Have amendments on city’s zoning laws affected our hearing and sense of sharing with neighbors?

Are we hearing? Do we know our neighbors?

*** ‘TheROOM’ is a part of SOUNDLEAK project. Another part, ‘NowPlaying’ is tentatively scheduled to debut in an abbreviated scale at Saturn Elektronik Store in Linz, Austria on April 7, 2009.



9-24 April, 2009 @Medien Kultur Haus, Wels, Austria

‘TheROOM’, a part of ‘What You Really Need’ being commissioned by Medien Kultur Haus and Linz 2009 Kulturhauptstadt Europa.


Call for participation (for non-Wels/Linz residents.)

* If you’re in Wels, Linz, and/or any close regions, you can also submit in the following ways but also welcome to be booked for ‘live rehearsal/practice’, ‘live mini-party’, ‘live-quarrels’, etc. inside ‘TheROOM’. ) – Please let me know if you’re interested to appear (well, not be seen though!) in live.)



Any of the following (or both!) is welcome to submit:

1) Sound file(s) (MP3, AIFF, AAC, and WAV) made inside of your &/or your neighbor’s room; recording/rehearsal of your/your band’s practicing musical instruments; party sounds from your neighbors/streets; recording of your statement/argument/counter-arguments-to-your-neighbor’s-complaints-against-you on neighbor noise issues, etc. – max. 10 min. (shorter is fine, of course!)

2) Your thoughts in text (typed on paper, emailed, and/or hand-written) – If it’s typed-on-paper or hand-written, please either scan into pdf, or mail to my address (included below) by 3/22/09 (not postmarked!)

Text regarding…

• Hearing sounds from neighbors &/or anything outside your room/house

• issues of noise complaints (psychological, philosophical, sociological, historical, etc.)

• leaked sounds (not only through the walls/windows/pipes etc. but also through earbuds, headsets, etc.)



• The sound file(s) should be able to be played on iTunes.

• Sound quality is not the most important factor. (mono, low-bit recording is completely fine!)

• If you can only record into cassette tapes, let me know. If it’s submitted early enough, I can record into a digital format.

• Please include your name and contact (E-address. Web url too – if any. But no bios please.)

• Indicate a specific name you’d like to appear. (e.g. use ‘artist’s moniker – if you prefer…) All names will be credited on the program for ‘TheROOM’.

• Please be encouraged to choose free content licensing such as CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, or public domain. (Indicate your choice! If not elected, it will be treated as CC-BY-SA.)

CC license info >>

• The files will be compiled as a playlist, and also listenable via (link will be announced later this month.)


Submission info:

Electronic submission (preferred)

• Drop file(s) at

(If it has multiple files (audio + text), make sure to put them in one folder, and zip it before dropping. Do not send files separately – which is to cause ‘orphaned/unidentified’ files.

Snail mail submission (if necessary)

• Mail it to:

Keiko Uenishi

345 Eldert St. #316

Brooklyn, NY 11237



Though it’ll be best/easiest to be submitted electronically,

1) If you’d prefer to mail the material to me, make sure it to arrive by 23 March, 2009 (via mail or hand in-person.)

2) Electronic submission can be done by the end of April 3, 2009.



email me:


Thank you!!! + Looking really forward to hearing from you!!

Keiko Uenishi (o.blaat) (<<--- needs a serious update)