Call for papers: Short Fiction in Theory and Practice – deadline 22 August 2010

Contributions are invited for Short Fiction in Theory and Practice, a new, peer-reviewed journal looking at the short story from a practice-based perspective. Once overlooked by literary critics, and sometimes dismissed as a practice run for the novel novel, the short story is finally receiving due attention as a major art form, and one which is especially suited to the digital age. The journal responds to this resurgence, providing an international forum for the growing number of writers who integrate critical research with their own creative practice. While there are a number of literary magazines publishing short fiction, there are fewer opportunities to discuss its writing and transmission. We are seeking articles which explore the poetics of short story writing, its reading, adaptation and translation; and the place of the short story in a global culture.

While celebrating the uniqueness of short story writing, we will also explore its diversity. We intend to cross generic and disciplinary boundaries, welcoming contributions which explore the connections between short fiction and other means of expression.

Article submissions:

Articles should be between 4000 and 7000 words in length. Topics may include (but are not limited to):
Short story composition, writerly practice and the poetics of short story writing. Transmission and publishing contexts (e.g. the anthology; online publication; the short story and radio; short story
prizes; the role of the editor)
Writing flash fiction, the novella, sequences, cycles and hybrid forms
Sub-genres, e.g. the science fiction short story, the supernatural, crime fiction
Multi-media and hypertext; short stories online
Autobiographical and non-fiction short stories
Oral storytelling
Short story writing and identity, e.g. race, class, gender, nationality
Readings of, and responses to, texts by contemporary short story authors.
Translation and adaptation
The short story and other media (e.g. photography, music)
Political, cultural, social contexts (e.g. the short story as samizdat, postcolonialism and short story writing)

Original creative work will be considered if it embodies or incorporates a substantial element of the writer’s poetics.

Proposals for interviews will also be considered. Please contact the editor in the first instance.

Deadline for Vol. 1: 22nd August 2010.

For submission guidelines and all other enquiries, please contact the
Principal Editor, Ailsa Cox, .