Call for entries: The Faena Prize for Arts ($25K prize, $50K financing) – deadline 6 July 2012

This is an open call to artists across the world that offers US$25,000 in prize money and US$50,000 to finance the production of a site-specific project. The project will be exhibited at the Faena Arts Center in mid-2013. In addition, two special mentions will go to two other projects with a prize amount of US$500 each.

The Faena Prize will be open to artists or artistic collectives who are invited to submit their projects for installations, sculptures, the graphic, technological or audio arts or combinations among these different expressions.

The headquarters of Faena Arts Center is located in what was once the old machine room of the emblematic building and has been painstakingly rebuilt while retaining the original heights. A space defined by the architectural characteristics of the past to harmoniously house the daring, versatile and demanding expressions of contemporary art.