Call for entries – International Festival For Arts and Media Yokohama 2009 – deadline 31 July 2009

Call for entries:
International Festival For Arts and Media Yokohama 2009
CREAM Competition

The Organizing Committee of the International Festival for Arts and Media Yokohama 2009

Purpose of CREAM Competition:
International Festival For Arts and Media Yokohama 2009, a pioneer project of “Creative City Yokohama”, could not be categorized as either an ordinary film festivals or a contemporary art exhibition. Along with the judges who are leading figures of diverse domains, this festival’s CREAM competition program aims to propose a brand new visual expression and experience.Due to recent technological developments, we live our everyday lives surrounded by and connected to the world through various types of visual communication. Creating visual works is nothing out of ordinary nowadays and it is no longer a privilege for people who are involved in particular artistic activities but for every single one of us. CREAM competition craves a new visual expression, or works that cross the borderlines between different genres of art such as contemporary art, film, performing art, music and etc., and therefore inspire and influence the future generations.

Submission of the Works:
1. The Competition is open to moving image works with experimental character and radical spirit of any genre.
2. The Competition is open to moving image works of any format, such as screening, exhibition, performance, network-mediated works, outdoor projection, and etc.
3. Everyone, regardless of age, gender or nationality, is eligible to enter the competition. Group work is also allowed.
4. All works submitted should be completed no earlier than 1st of May 2008.

Submission Process: Submission information is posted on the Festival’s website.
1. Read the Submission Agreement carefully before submitting your work
2. Fill in the Submission Form online, download, print and sign it.
3. Applicants shall select the presentation manner of submitted work from three categories; Screening, Exhibition, and Other, and meet submission requirement of each category accordingly.

Submission Period:
Submission accepted from Friday, May 1st 2009
Must be received by Friday, July 31st 2009

Preliminary Selection: Scheduled in Mid August 2009
Final Selection: Scheduled in Mid September 2009
Announcement will be posted on the Festival’s website.

CREAM PRIZE (One Award) \500,000
EXCELLENCE PRIZE (Multiple Awards) \100,000
Some awarded works will be screened or exhibited during the festival.

Jury: *In order of the Japanese syllabary Juries for Preliminary Selection
UKAWA Naohiro (visual director, artist, graphic designer, VJ)
SEMBO Kensuke (artist, a member of “exonemo”)
TSUCHIYA Yutaka (film director, president of VIDEOACT!)

Juries for Final Selection
ASAI Takashi (president of UPLINK Co., producer, editor in chief of webDICE)
OU Ning (film director, art director, critic)
SHIKATA Yukiko (senior curator of NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC])
STUBBS, Mike (artist, director of FACT[Foundation for Art and Creative Technology])
SUWA Nobuhiro (film director, president of Tokyo Zokei University)
YAMAMURA Koji (animation director, board member of the International
Animated Film Association, professor of Tokyo University of the Arts)

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