Call for entries – International Conference on Computational Creativity 2016 video competition – deadline 4 April 2016

ICCC16 is pleased to announce the first edition of its video competition, held in conjunction with ICCC16 in Paris, June 27-July 1, 2016.


Accepted video documentation includes but is not limited to the following themes:
* the outputs of computationally creative systems
* the process or practice of using computationally creative systems
* computational social creativity systems
* user studies in computational creativity
* concept videos that address current and future social issues in computational creativity

Anything related to the academic pursuit of computational creativity or the practical use of computational creativity systems will be considered.

Submission and selection process

Videos should be submitted in HD quality (1920×1080) in mp4 format.

Two durations can be submitted:
Short videos: up to 1 minute.
Long videos: up to 5 minutes.

Submit your video using a private link of your choice (e.g., Dropbox, Vimeo).
Ensure that your video is downloadable and full quality.
Submit a 1-page PDF with download instructions and any additional information via EasyChair at the following link:
Only the contents of the video will be used in the selection process. No additional information will be regarded.

All submissions will be reviewed by three independent reviewers by single blind review (reviewers will be anonymous but authors will not). Acceptance of videos will include written feedback requesting improvements. In some cases final acceptance will be conditional on improvements being made. Ultimate decisions concerning final acceptance lie with the chair.

At least one author must register with and attend the conference.

Use of the video

Selected videos will be included on the Computational Creativity website and will be presented at the ICCC16 conference. Videos on the website will be freely available and all copyright concerns rest with the authors. Copyright remains with the authors. By making a final submission, you grant the Association for Computational Creativity the non-exclusive right to use the material on its website and at events in perpetuity.

Selection criteria

Videos will be selected based on the following criteria:
* Academic and/or artistic quality of the work.
* Clarity and rigour of the explanatory content.
* Originality and thought-provoking content.
* Production quality of the video.
* Appropriate length of the video.

Please ensure you use professional production quality including a professionally recorded voice-over if necessary. Ensure the video contains all credits for all content at the end, and that all material in the video is cleared for use by you, and ultimately is cleared for free public consumption via the web. The video does not need to have a title slide if you do not want, as this will be added.

Prizes will be given for the best educational video, best entertainment video and best overall video. These will be announced and presented at the 2016 conference in Paris.

Selection committee

Chair: Oliver Bown (University of New South Wales, Australia)
Alice Eldridge (University of Sussex, UK)
Simon Colton (Goldsmiths College, UK)
Dan Ventura (Bringham Young University, US)
Fiammetta Ghedini (SONY CSL, France)
Amilcar Cardoso (Coimbra University, Portugal)
Jon McCormack (Monash University, AU)

Key dates

Submissions – April 4th.
Acceptance announcements – May 2nd.
Final versions – June 13th.