Call for curators: NLE Curatorial Lab (NLE Lab) – deadline 22 August 2014

The NLE Curatorial Lab (NLE Lab) is a professional development program (12 weeks) giving curators an opportunity to build upon their existing knowledge and gain first-hand experience and support in developing, staging and evaluating a site-responsive exhibition.

The NLE Lab reinforces the role of the curator and encourages new interdisciplinary projects with special emphasis on site-specific practice and community engagement.

No Longer Empty’s supportive networks and the vast creative environments in New York City provide participants with the resources to deeply explore and develop new curatorial concepts. These 21st century curators will emerge with the tools to conduct community research and engagement, work adeptly with artists, be communicative and collaborative, and create a welcoming contemporary art exhibition for visitors in New York City.

The program is open to local and international emerging curators. The application deadline is August 22nd.

Application Instructions
A complete application consists of:
1. Cover letter stating relevant experience and explaining your interest in participating in NLE
Curatorial Lab (max 2 pages). Please touch upon the notions of site-specificity, community
responsiveness, and art and how they relate to your interests;
2. Resume and photos/links of past work;
3. Two professional references;
4. Proof of payment of $25 application free. Pay through No Longer Empty’s paypal

Please submit your complete PDF application by August 22nd to: lab (at)
Please put “Lab application_ Last name” in the subject line.

Applications will not be reviewed unless matched with a receipt.

The course fee is $1,200. No Longer Empty provides participants options for installments.

For any questions, please contact us at: lab (at)

No Longer Empty
150 East 58th Street, 34th Floor
New York, New York New York 11055
United States of America