Call for contributions – Disturbing Distribution – deadline 28 March 2011

The forthcoming publication ‘Disturbing Distribution’ invites you to contribute texts, images or ideas to a self-published handbook. The publication will bring together models, examples and critical thinking surrounding the subject, distribution. ‘Disturbing Distribution’ will focus on the political act of distributing art, music or publications. The published handbook can be seen as a tool for you to use within your own practices.

Distribution is the act of sharing something in the public sphere and raises questions around freedom of speech, authorship, public realm, democracy etc…. These and many more are topics related to distribution, which the publication aims to investigate. The publication does not represent an opinion but hopes to reflect a multiple perspectives, styles and ideas that can be connected with the topic.

It will later be distributed by using the network, which was established through the contributions, this will form the base for distributing the handbook. Additionally, a torrent version of the publication will be shared here.

Your contribution is crucial and the procedure to take part is simple, everyone that has something to say about the topic is welcome to contribute anything from text, images or ideas, your own or others: write about your own situation, explain a time you distributed an artwork in a different way, interview your friend, compose an essay, it is completely up to you. This is just the beginning of what this manual can contain.

The deadline for contributing is 28 March 2011. Do not hesitate to contact me on overheadandbehind[at]

Please circulate this information widely, tell friends and their friends…