Call for artists – RADIATOR: Exploits in the Wireless City – deadline 25 November 2008


Festival | Symposium
Nottingham 13 -18 Jan 2009


OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Deadline 25th Nov 2008

Since the abundant proliferation of digital communication technology, our (living) space has been expanded, transformed, reshaped. In our everyday lives we increasingly connect to mediated interfaces, be it consciously or without knowing.

Digital media is increasingly integrated seamlessly into all areas of everyday life and work. The so-called ‘virtual worlds’ created in this way are merging ever more dynamically with our physical environment generating new hybrid spaces, becoming a fixed part of our reality themselves.

Our cities are increasingly pervaded by data networks, watched over by cameras, skinned by media facades, populated by users of mobile communication devices carried around with every step. ‘City’ itself has become a media space, a complex fabric, in which an immaterial layer of data is augmenting the urban landscape, both merging ever more seamlessly.

Radiator continues its investigation into the way that artists engage with locality and site, real and virtual urban space. The ‘Wireless City’ brings deep cultural changes and our traditional spatial coordinates are gradually being superseded by an enhanced network.

Sharing their inferences and conclusions, artists are invited to reflect upon the challenges facing our freedom, the poetry of resistance and also the opportunities the ‘Expanded City’ has to offer.

Radiator welcomes all forms of artistic expression aligned with the theme. The programme will provide multiple exhibition and display opportunities across the East Midlands:

– Gallery/ White Cube Spaces
E.g. Going Underground Exhibition (For more information click here)

– City spaces/ Site-specific works

– Events

– Indoor/ Outdoor Screenings


Submissions should include:
– Images/documentation/videofootage (supporting material in one of the following formats: as standard definition DVD or VHS, as a file on CD (SWF, Quicktime or Avi accepted – use standard codecs such as Sorenson, Cinepak or DivX). Any file that cannot be viewed using standard media players will be passed over.
– Description of work
– CV
– Submissions form, downloadable from here pdf or word doc.
(Also Available online at

Key points to consider in your proposal:

– From video, animation, installation, sculpture, performance, live music and web streaming we encourage all forms of new media expressions.

– We especially encourage the submission of participatory works, which promote a high degree of audience involvement.

– Please include an SAE if you would like your submission returned to you.

Submissions to be send to:

Broadway Cinema
14-18 Broad Street

Deadline for submissions: 25th Nov 2008

Any queries please contact Matt Davenport matt [at]
+44 (0)115 8409272

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