Call for articles – Mish Mash: LEA Leonardo Electronic Almanac – deadline 15 February 2010


In December 2009 LEA – Leonardo Electronic Almanac, a member of the Leonardo/ISAST/MIT Press family – will re-launch. Its new format will combine the features of a high-production-value art magazine with the scholarly rigor of an academic journal. Lanfranco Aceti, Editor in Chief, and Paul Brown, Co-editor, intend to produce a well illustrated, attractive and readable magazine that will simultaneously be available online as a hyperlinked screen-resolution PDF document, a high-resolution print-on-demand magazine and in a downloadable version for book readers on electronic devices like the Amazon Kindle. The publications will be integrated into a regularly updated web portal that will provide additional and supporting services like announcements, opportunities, interactive content-oriented blogs and Wikis. This LEA online environment is intended to be a hierarchical content generator with the quarterly publication representing a punctuated pinnacle of this multidimensional, user-driven, discipline-oriented social network.

LEA will focus on the convergence of arts, science and technology and combine special issue front-end features with ongoing thematic background content. It will combine invited and commissioned essays with peer-reviewed scholarly papers.

The target audience for the publication encompasses a broad spectrum ranging from professionals active in the field to laypeople with a general interest in the contemporary arts. We believe the time is right for an arts, sciences and technology publication pitched centrally within the arts mainstream.

The theme of the first issue of the Leonardo Electronic Almanac magazine is mish mash.

The first issue will be a collection of articles, reviews and opinion pieces that discuss and analyze the complexity of mixing things together as a process that is not necessarily undertaken in an orderly and organized manner. In this issue there will be contributions from Frieder Nake, Stelarc and other important cultural operators.

Although the magazine is thematically structured, the concept of mish mash leaves a wide open opportunity to discuss issues in interdisciplinary education; art, science and technology interactions; personal artistic practices; history of re-combinatory practices; hybridizations between old and new media; cultural creolization; curatorial studies and more.
Under the editorship of Lanfranco Aceti and Paul Brown the magazine call is open to the0retical, scientific and cultural analyses as well as practice based pieces or a mish mash of all of the above.

The Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) will produce an online and print on demand issue, as well as host curated images and videos online.

Proposals to: info [at]

a) Subject heading: mish mash.
b) 500 hundred word abstract for articles.
c) 2 images at 72 dpi resolution no larger than 800 pixels width for artists.
d) Links to previous work, videos or personal sites.
e) Deadline for full papers is February 15, 2010 for publication in the first issue.
f) Please feel free to disseminate and forward this call to interested parties.

Our publication formats allow for full-color throughout and we encourage rich pictorial content where relevant and possible. Note however that all material submitted must be copyright cleared (or due diligence must be evidenced). For online publication a wide variety of media content may be considered (animation, mp3, flash, java, etc…)

* For scholarly papers please submit the final paper ready for peer review. Your contribution will be reviewed by at least two members of the LEA board and revisions may be requested subject to review.
* For themed and pictorial essays please submit an abstract or outline for editorial consideration and further discussion.
* Please keep your news, announcements and hyperlinks brief and focused – include contact details and a link to an external site where relevant. We reserve the right to sub-edit your submissions in order to comply with LEA policies and formats. Where material is time-sensitive please include both embargo and expiry dates.
* In all cases specify special system considerations where these are necessary (platform, codecs, plug-ins, etc…)

We hope you share our excitement about the new LEA and we look forward to hearing from you!

For further information or images submission contact: Ozden.Sahin [at]

Lanfranco Aceti
Lanfranco.Aceti [at]
Editor in Chief, Leonardo Electronic Almanac

Paul Brown
Paul.Brown [at]
Co-Editor, Leonardo Electronic Almanac
Dr. Lanfranco Aceti, Associate Professor in Contemporary Art & Digital Culture – Sabanci University
Editor in Chief, Leonardo Electronic Almanac (Leonardo Journal and MIT Press)
Honorary Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, Virtual Reality Environments, University College London