Business Modeling Workshops for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurs – November/December 2015

Friday 20 November, Friday 27 November, Friday 4 December 2015

Ellen O’Hara, a pioneer in creative enterprise in the UK and internationally, will lead a 3-day business modeling workshop at Modern Art Oxford providing a rare opportunity for artists, designers and makers to learn, share and create to move their businesses forward.

Ellen O’Hara is a freelance strategist working in the creative and cultural industries. Over the last 14 years she has worked with hundreds of artists, designers and makers as a business coach, mentor and trainer to help them create, build and grow flourishing, sustainable creative businesses. Ellen previously worked for the School for Startups, creative incubator Cockpit Arts, the Prince’s Trust and Arts Council England. She is a SFEDI accredited coach, Arts Council supported Clore Leadership Fellow and Fellow of the RSA.


Artists, designers and makers of all disciplines who are seeking to develop their practice.

A three part, interactive workshop series that introduces the latest thinking in business model generation for creative and cultural entrepreneurs.


Rather than writing business plans that rarely materialise, business modeling equips artists, makers and designers with the tools to design and build a flexible, agile practice that can support your creative aspirations, whilst meeting your social aims and financial needs.

You will learn to use a range of different business modeling tools, such as the business model canvas, case studies and group discussions to design and test a business model that’s right for you and your business.

Workshop 1: Purpose and Defining Your Value Proposition

You will explore the purpose, vision and values that underpin your practice, how these influence your work and what success means to you. You will begin to articulate your work in terms of a ‘value proposition’ and begin the business modeling process.

Workshop 2: Designing a business model

Using tools such as the business model canvas, you will map out the different building blocks of a business from customers, how you reach them, production, pricing and partners. You will use business modeling approaches and case studies to tell the story of a business

Workshop 3: Refining and testing your business model

In the third workshops you will design and build your own business models and begin to test, evaluate and refine your ideas. The session will include some simple financial modeling and other tools to test your models, ensuring that you create a blueprint for success.

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