Broadcast of Mute Magazine & Responsive Ecologies on Resonance FM

At last we have a podcast & downloadable mp3 of the interviews that took place on Resonance FM on Dec 15th 2010, for all to hear.

Host: Marc Garrett
Special Guests: Josephine Berry Slater and Anthony Iles from Mute Magazine.
Jonathan Munro, Gareth Goodison and Parag K Mital of Responsive Ecologies.

listen to the ‘minute silence’ in the middle of the program for the ‘Death of Education’ in the UK.

Josephine Berry Slater and Anthony Iles co-authors of publication by Mute (2010) No Room to Move: Radical Art and the Regenerate City, featuring projects and interviews with: Alberto Duman, Freee, Nils Norman, Laura Oldfield Ford and Roman Vasseur. For more information about the book.

Josephine Berry Slater is editor of Mute magazine – a culture, technology and politics magazine – and teaches on the Culture Industry MA at Goldsmiths. She is co-author of No Room to Move: Radical Art and the Regenerate City, and co-editor of Proud to be Flesh: A Mute Magazine Anthology of Cultural Politics After the Net. She completed her PhD in Site Specific Art on the Net in 2002.

Anthony Iles is a writer based in London. Contributing editor to Mute, an online and quarterly print magazine, and a regular contributor to debates about regeneration around the London 2012 Olympics. Author of a pamphlet on flexible architecture, indeterminacy, participation and regeneration entitled ‘The Lower Lea Valley as Fun Palace and Creative Prison’.

Responsive Ecologies exploring notions of captivity, collective behaviour and human-nature social relations. The forms of interaction within the work take inspiration from the study of ecology (the relations of organisms, and their interactions with the environment) and reflect upon the possible implications of our actions and activities on the sustainability of future ecologies.

Gareth Goodison and Jonathan Munro have been working collaboratively as captincaptin since 2007, creating installations and sculptures, which interact and respond to public presence, and question the role of audience participation in the display and creation of contemporary art. They have presented their work at various new media events including Futuresonic Festival, Abandon Normal Devices, Leeds Expo, and the V&A.

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