Breathe… cross-platform drama launching 10 October 2009

Breathe… comprises of three short films made up of scripted narrative, live events & online interactions. The experience lasts for 15 days with a weekly film instalment.


A young man is found dead in bed, ex-vice cop John Franks is pulled away from his desk job to investigate. It seems like an open and shut case – except that it isn’t the first death of this kind. Pathologist reports suggest each victim had been asphyxiated, but there are no strangle marks, signs of struggle or evidence of a drug overdose – “someone wanted it to look as if each person had just run out of air whilst asleep in bed.”

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Breathe was conceived and produced by Yomi Ayeni. Episode One is directed by BAFTA winner Andy Wilson (Gormenghast – BBC, Cracker – ITV, Forsyth Saga – ITV), written by Andrew Brown (The Wonderland Experience), and Nicholas McInerny – script consultant (The Bill – ITV).

The cast includes Ben Taylor (Phantom Menace, The Young Indiana Jones, Breaking into Tesco), Liz Kettle (Poirot, Jeeves and Wooster, Secret Life of Mrs Beeton) and Andrew Robertson (Gormenghast, Far From