Bookmarks – deadline 20 April 2007

‘Bookmarks’ – Part of the ‘Library’ project at the Civic Quarter Library, Leeds Metropolitan University
For ‘Situation Leeds’ ’07

The bookmark marks an event, a place or space, a pause, a meditation, a moment of resignation, an arrival, departure, necessary ablutions, a thought after thought, peace, unease, looking up and understanding, procrastination, weariness, action, loss, the tyranny of time, a return, an interlude, a tea-break, a bereavement of sorts, shut-eye, down-time, routine, memory, daydreams and a sneeze, and another, and another… you could feel it coming on.

An invitation is extended to produce a series of bookmarks for this project. Each bookmark should be no larger than 21cm x 5cm in a series of at least 20 bookmarks, in any media or material. They should explore the re-circulation of ideas and information, and could incorporate instructions and/or links to other places possibly to activate an action, performance, production, etc. Each submission can consist of a series of identical bookmarks or include a collection of visually separate bookmarks held together thematically. The bookmarks will be put into circulation through the Library spaces of Leeds and an archive held at Leeds Metropolitan University. The archive will document the project and will include an example of each submission with information about the producer/artist/practitioner.

Submission deadline 20 April ’07
The event will take place between 14 – 27 May ’07

Contact Krissie Ireland at mailto:

Submissions to:

‘Bookmarks’ Project,
C/o Krissie Ireland, Room H708,
The Leeds School of Contemporary Art and Graphic Design,
Leeds Metropolitan University,
Civic Quarter,
United Kingdom