Biological Imperative – deadline 15 April 2008

Gallery Aferro
Newark NJ

Biological Imperative curated by Emma Wilcox
on display June 14-July 26, 2008, with full color catalog

Submissions due April 15, 2008

Artists working in any and all media are invited to submit existing work, or propose new work, in response to any of the following:

Things that just won’t die, multiples, fecundity, regeneration, splicing, graft, hybridization, miscegenation, do it yourself genetic testing kits, “she’s not my sister she’s my daughter”, “one drop,” 3/5 of a person, genetically modified foods, bio art, the prosecution of bio artists, the undead, the semi-living, Jonestown, the elderly woman who got a DNR order tattooed on her chest, the undying popularity of zombie films, Scopolamine, and of course, well, bunny rabbits., according to its creator, Mark H. Harris,” is the culmination of my life experiences as a black horror movie fan: seeing hundreds of black people stabbed, chopped up, and eviscerated without so much as a “rest in peace” or even a “sorry, my bad,” and finding scant acknowledgment of the role of black people in horror films (Zombies anyone?)”

The Tissue Culture & Art Project is a collective dealing with “serious ethical questions regarding a near future when objects that are partly alive and partly constructed exist, and when animal organs will be transplanted into humans. What kind of relationships we will form with such objects? How are we going to treat animals with human DNA?”

In 1965’s “How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare” Joseph Beuys held a dead hare in his arms and walked around an art gallery talking about art to the animal. Rabbits function as food, pest and pet for humans, and symbolize something that dies again and again, only to be reborn.

Submissions due April 15.
Notification of acceptance by May 1.
Delivery by May 24.
Materials for catalog may be requested earlier than work delivery.

Please refer to exhibition guidelines on website

Please email work to or mail work to
Emma Wilcox Gallery Aferro 248 Sherman Ave #43 NY NY 10034