BEAM Call for submissions – first deadline 30 April 2011

We now have three Open Calls for the BEAM Festival – details below. They are:


All proposals should refer to the broad themes of music & technology, interactivity, electronic music, music produced through unusual interfaces and homemade interfaces and instruments. Send your proposal to , including all of the below elements:

* Which call you’re responding to
* Description (maximum 300 words) and Title (incl. artists’ name)
* 200-word biography
* Video or pictures or audio (incl. one for marketing)
* Tech spec
* Email & phone contact details

Successful proposals will be posted on the PLAY & DISPLAY page on this website.

**SCRAP PIANO CHALLENGE** In addition to the festival calls, see NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! on home page. BEAM is looking for engineers/sculptors/artists/composers/pianists to form teams to rebuild a scrap piano into a sculpture/installation/new instrument.

1. BEAM OPEN SPACE – Deadline 30th APRIL.

There will be a dedicated large room for the BEAM Open Space during the whole festival weekend. We welcome installations, performances, demonstrations (eg of something you’ve built/are experimenting with) subject to sensible limitations (eg size, danger…!). You’ll be asked to steward your demonstration and to chat to interested viewers (breaks allowed!). What are you doing with technology? We’re into anything interactive: be it beautiful, intense, playful, dramatic, mesmorising or shocking.

2. BEAM TRAIN (SOUND ART) – Deadline 14th MAY.

In this category we’re looking to provide podcasts for the rather long Metropolitan Line journey (45 minutes) from Baker Street to Uxbridge. Being a long and pretty unreliable journey we thought you might like to consider different options for when the train terminates at Harrow-on-the-Hill, stops outside a station etc.

3. BEAM ONLINE – Deadline 14th MAY.

In this category we are welcoming input from anyone who wants to share related work but cannot physically get to us. This is a chance to upload work to our internet gallery which we hope to host during the festival on site (size/number of screens tbc).