Babel Fiche, a collaborative film project by Dave Griffiths @dgrifff

Babel Fiche is a crowd-sourced film that collects and remixes amateur video footage. During 2011 participants are gathering and selecting contemporary clips which describe everyday life around the Earth. These movie fragments will be printed on colour microfiche – a photographic medium capable of lasting 500 years and simply requiring light and a lens to expand its contents. This analogue throwback might even outlast our current reliance on fragile digital storage.

Babel Fiche is an imaginary media for future anthropologists. It asks which behaviours, objects, traditions and conflicts we want to communicate to a future world. Today’s human cultures, physique and technology will inevitably develop out of all recognition. So how might a future species translate our current times?

Babel Fiche will ponder the problem by animating and remixing the microfiche contents as a series of new short films. This production stage is driven through Wreckamovie, an online platform to help organise participatory movie projects. Babel Fiche wonders if it will be possible to resolve coherent films under these social conditions.