Authoring software – how new media writers make their work –
by Judy Malloy

A resource for teachers and students of new media writing, who are exploring what authoring tools to use, for new media writers and poets, who are interested in how their colleagues approach their work, and for readers, who want to understand how new media writers and poets create their work, Authoring Software is an ongoing collection of statements about authoring tools and software.

It also looks at the relationship between interface and content in new media writing and at how the innovative use of authoring tools and the creation of new authoring tools have expanded digital writing/hypertext writing/net narrative practice in this vibrant contemporary creative writing field.

The project includes entries by and about such artists as Mark Amerika, Stefan Muller Arisona, M. D. Coverley,
Chris Joseph, Rob Kendall, Antoinette LaFarge, Deena Larson, Nick Montfort, Stuart Moulthrop, Kate Pullinger, Jim Rosenberg, Stephanie Strickland, Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo, Sue Thomas, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Joel Weishaus, and Nanette Wylde among many others.

This month features an interview with Sonya Rapoport, a visual artist and interactive art pioneer,
who creates interactive installations, as well as web works and artists books.