Augmented Reality Adbusting, Transmediale 2010 – deadline 26 January 2010

The Artvertiser is looking for artwork to exhibit on urban billboards during Transmediale 2010 in Berlin.

We are seeking interesting 2D artworks that criticise, recontextualize and remix the urban advertisements of Berlin. If you are tired of seeing street advertisements – and want to say something about it – this call is for you!

Rather than painting over billboards directly, The Artvertiser uses a digital technique called Augmented Reality: by looking through our specially engineered digital binoculars, users of the system will see artwork instead of advertisements in the city of Berlin.

Your fully credited work will be presented in video documentation in the main ‘Future Obscura’ exhibition at Transmediale 2010 and also seen during an ‘art walk’ in the streets of Berlin during the festival.

Here are the steps to contributing:

1/ Visit and pick an advertisement. Alternatively, take a good photo of an advert somewhere in the A|B metro zone of Berlin and work with that.

2/ Using Gimp, Photoshop, a video editor or pen and paper – remix, alter or produce something entirely new that relates to the advert in question.

3/ Mail your work, or a link to to your work, to before January 26th. Be sure to include your artist name and a title for the piece.

PNG, JPEG and AVI movies up to 30 seconds in length are OK. If possible, be sure to send us work in an aspect ratio that is similar to the advert in the image..

Once we have your contribution we’ll take our Billboard Interception Binoculars out on the street and substitute the advert with your work, making a video of the result.

Please visit for more info about the project, alongside the to-be-confirmed location of the art walk taking place during the festival.

Looking forward!

The Artvertiser Team