Artscanner pod at The Phoenix, Leicester

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The first ArtScanner ‘pod’ has been installed in the downstairs bar at The Phoenix in Leicester. It will remain in place throughout March as part of Sean Clark’s involvement in the Phoenix Digital programme. To get your work displayed on the screen simply upload your image to, print out the supplied barcode and place it near the pod. When people scan your barcode they will see your image. To grab people’s attention you can be creative with how you present your barcodes.

Even if you can’t physically visit The Phoenix you can still have your work shown. Any image uploaded is automatically added to the pool of images that are displayed when an unknown barcode is scanned. So, when people scan their shopping they may see your artwork!

The Phoenix pod will be joined by one that will be located at The Depot in Leicester for two weeks from the 17th March. This will be launched as part of a Phoenix Digital event at the depot on Tuesday 18th at 6:30pm. Why not bring your barcodes along and add them to the installation?

now with added semacodes

You can also generate semacodes for any images uploaded to ArtScanner. These can be printed, or displayed on-screen, and read using a mobile phone reader. When your phone recognises a semacode it will load the associated image in to your mobile’s Web browser. Just follow the link under your image’s page to generate the code.

about artscanner

ArtScanner is an infrastructure for producing augmented reality artworks created by Cuttlefish Digital Arts. You can make your own ArtScanner pod with an Internet connected computer and a £20 barcode scanner from eBay. Get in touch if you want to install one in your gallery or public space. It currently supports barcode and semacode tagging of images, but can be configured to work with any media type and tagging system – including RFID tags.