Arts Council 2012 Olympic art contest – deadline 29 May 2009

Artists based in the European Union are eligible to apply.

We are challenging you to take your creativity to unexpected places – the nation is your blank canvas. We are looking for:

* 12 ideas
* 12 projects
* 12 places

We will showcase the best of our nation’s creativity to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games across the UK.

Is one of those ideas yours?

What we’re looking for:

Original ideas for projects in any artform, led by artists (from individuals to collectives or organisations).

Projects that reflect and are inspired by the location in which they will take shape.

Projects which will be completed by June 2012, but also show a legacy for artists and communities beyond 2012.

Projects that celebrate London 2012 and reflect the values and vision of the Cultural Olympiad, the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games.