Artists in Residency, Prague

We invite artists from diverse artistic backgrounds: media artists, visual artists, musicians, video artists, hackers, coders, performers, painters … etcetera … who would like to research/develop a project in the Czech republic to apply.

We offer studio/living space (cca 40m2) with Internet and utilities in Trafacka residential building
213/13, Prague Liben. We provide partial support to artists in their research, IT infrastructure, possibility to participate on workshops, and contacts with local artists. We also provide a number of public spaces where artist can organize an event during, or at the end of the residency. These spaces include gallery Trafo, gallery of Technical Academy Library, gallery Skolska 28, Institute of Intermedia, Ekotechnical museum, or castle Popovice 50Km out of Prague.

Applications need to contain at least a written proposal of what you plan to work at during the period of the stay, references of your work, a resume (Curriculum Vitae), and brief overview of your work, exhibitions, or built work. The proposal should be no longer than two pages A4, in English.

The residency period lasts from one to three months.
There is no deadline for submissions, residency is open now until cancellation.
Selection of participants is subject of choice of the Trafacka board.
To submit a proposal, email residence [at]