Artist-in-Residence call for 2013 applications – Atelier Hotel Pro Forma, Copenhagen, Denmark – deadline 15 August 2012

Atelier Hotel Pro Forma is now offering a unique opportunity to one or two professional artists with suitable projects. Applicants must therefore submit a concrete project proposal to develop during their residency.

These artists will be able to develop their projects for three to six months at Atelier Hotel Pro Forma in Copenhagen. Depending on the artist or project, the project may be produced as an Atelier Hotel Pro Forma production during the residency, but it may also be produced as an independent project once the residency is completed.

During their stay, artists will work together with Hotel Pro Forma’s international network of artists, organisation, interns and technical staff in order to develop their project. They will also work closely with our interns to develop works for our monthly exhibitions. The completion of the residency will end in a form of public viewing, either as a work-in-progress or as a completed work.
Applications must be sent to: mail[@]

Hotel Pro Forma is an international laboratory of performance and installations. Perception, perspective and themes from the world are blended into a conceptual, visual and musical art form. It has developed a worldwide reputation as being one of the most provocative, inspiring and innovative production companies in the experimental performing arts.

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