Artist commission: FutureEverything ArtsAPI Artist, budget £10k – deadline 7 January 2015

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Call for Proposals: ArtsAPI Artist

We are looking for an artist to design and build an exemplar artwork which will communicate the ideas behind ArtsAPI – that cultural organisations generate impact and connectivity through the relationships they create and sustain.

The artwork shall provide a top level representation of what we are terming a “creative ecosystem”. This is the network of interactions between arts organisations and the people, objects and events with which they interact.

The artist shall need to work with the project team to identify which dimensions of the ecosystem to represent. The artwork shall need to represent the network of interactions among the organisations, people, things and events in the creative ecosystem.

The distinctiveness of ArtsAPI is in seeking to represent not only metrics such as degree of connectedness, strength of connections and distance between connections, but also dimensions such as trust, serendipity, idea sharing and creative process, and the various impacts and overall network effect.

The ambition is that the artwork shall present an exemplar representation of a “creative ecosystem” that can convey in a powerful way the impact and connectivity that cultural organisations create and sustain.

The artist will have access to data and derived insight generated through the R&D project on the networks that 7 participating arts organisations create and sustain.

The main output of the ArtsAPI will be a business modelling tool. The commissioned artwork will communicate the ideas behind the project but will not be implemented as a part of the tool.

Budget: £10,000

Required outcomes

  • A high impact artwork which uses data and derived insight from 7 arts organisations.
  • The artwork must demonstrate insight into the networks and relationships those arts organisations create and sustain.
  • Contribution to project documentation and report (e.g. screencasts and a blog post, to be agreed).
  • Presentation/public display at FutureEverything’s ‘Festival As Lab’ (working title) in 2016

Desirable outcomes

  • Technical capacity for further data sets to be added as the project progresses. (This is not a requirement)

What is not required

  • This artwork is separate from the ArtsAPI web tool and visualisations. We are not asking you to create something that will act as a business modelling tool for arts organisations.

Application Process

Please submit a maximum 5 page proposal, to include the following:

  • Your contact details
  • Approach: Short proposal (2 page max) on your approach to the creative and technical realisation of this project, and a full costing breakdown.
  • Past Projects: Please give 3-5 examples of relevant past work. URL’s to recent projects and online videos are encouraged
  • Management: Outline preferred approach to project management. Please specify roles, responsibilities including names if you are a company/team.

Submissions should be sent to no later than 7th January 2015.