ARTE Creative – international network for young artists and cultural producers – your network for contemporary culture

ARTE has established its name in television over the past two decades as a leader in new forms of audiovisual creativity. ARTE Creative is taking the channel a step further by opening new territory and creating a platform where new narrative forms, authors and producers can thrive. ARTE Creative is an international and interactive network complete with editorial services aimed at young artists, cultural producers and all those who love original and inspirational ideas. ARTE Creative showcases outstanding work from the areas of art, pop culture, design and architecture. The platform encompasses a wide variety of creative fields, from photography, painting, street art, new media, net art and video art to music, advertising, gaming, graphics, product design, web design and typography. Within this online community we are working to develop new editorial formats and to explore uncharted territory where Internet and TV interface. With this platform, ARTE actively fosters creative young talent and is intensifying its collaboration with young artists from all over Europe.

ARTE Creative works together with Europe’s key universities, festivals and institutions, such as:
ZKM: Professor Peter Weibel, Director of the Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, presents, once a month, the most outstanding pieces from the Center’s collection. The first showing will be Lenara Verle’s ‘Gridcosm 1000-0000’ (2002). Neuer Berliner Kunstverein/Video-Forum: Marius Babias, the organization’s director, and curator Kathrin Becker present a key work of video art each month. The forum kicks off with ‘Berlin Exercises in Nine Pieces’ (1974/75) by Rebecca Horn. Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst: Arsenal will curate the Forum Expanded section of the Berlinale. Each month, the team will also showcase the best in video art. The first work will be Christine Noll Brinckmann’s ‘Der Fater’ (1986). Transmediale: Artistic Director Stephan Kovats presents interviews, his impressions and behind the scenes glimpses into Germany’s most important media art festival. Digital Arts International: Each month, the international platform Digitalarti examines the most important representatives of net art – including artists such as Mouchette, Calvacreation, Olga Kisseleva and Grégory Chatonsky. Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof: Artistic Director Marie Luise Birkholz presents each month young video artists working with experimental narrative forms. Further partners are: Palais de Tokyo, Ars Electronica Futurelab, Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Le Cube, Miami Ad School, Ecole des Gobelins, SupInfoGame, Le Fresnoy, Popakademie, Réseau Art Numerique, Kasseler Dokumentarfilm und Videofest, Atopic, Werkleitz Center for Media Art, Memefest, Festival Temps d´Images, Les Bains numériques, La Gaité Lyrique, State College, Cabinet d´Amateur etc.

And ARTE Creative will build up the biggest virtual group show in history – participating artists are:
Roman Signer, Erwin Wurm, Wim Delvoye, Rebecca Horn, Christian Jankowski,, Swoon, Brad Downey, Elodie Pong, John Wood & Paul Harrison, Aram Bartholl, Ciprian Muresan, Oliver Laric, Guillaume Reymond, Stefan Panhans, Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau, Paul Souviron, Antoine Lejolivet, Evan Roth, Sean Metelerkamp, Alberine Meunier, Roel Wouters, The Wa, Aleksandra Domanovic, Helmut Smits, Jean-Marc Chapoulie, Johannes Post & Julian Scherer, Matze G?rig, Fabrice Hyber, Jean-Marc Chapoulie, Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost, Yona Friedman, Matthias Meyer, Bad Beuys Entertainment, Paulina León, Francois Curlet & Michelle Naismith, Judith Hopf & Stephan Geene, Julie Vayssière, A Constructed World, Hein-Godehart Petschulat. Lenka Clayton, Humanic-TV-Spots (f.e. Axel Corti, Otto M. Zykan). ZimmerFrei, Bettina Atala, Nadim Vardag, Dani Gal, Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil, BitteBitteJaja (Roland Rauschmeier & Ulu Braun), John Miller & Takuji Kogo. Pierre Leguillon, Nicolas Aiello, Système, Eric Pries, Ritsche Koch, Maurice Benayoun, Dan Mulloy, Andrew Bruntel, Eran Helelli, Sturla Grovlen, Dennis Knopf, Miltos Manetas, Martin Le Chevallier, Martin Dege, David Wilson, Nina K?nnemann, Davy Force, David Wilson, Erosie, Sebastian Haslauer, Viagrafik, StudioBuro, DAIM, Rick Berkelmans, Merijn Hos, Olivier Cramm, Guillaumit, Roope Eronen, Brecht Vandenbrouke, Siggi Odds, Amandine Urruty, Superoboturbo, Manfred Naescher, Martin Müller, Johan Rosenmunthe, Dennis Duijnhouwer, Ben Rayner, Katarina Soskic/Katapult, Laurent Waechter, Delia Keller, Will Robson Scott, Milos Mali, Slava Mogutin, Sunny Shokrae, Lena Chernyak, Linus Bill, Johan Büsen, Tanya Kernweiss, Tore Rinkveld, Peter Piller, Moritz Herda, Anton Steenbock, Marin Santic, Jorge Soledar, Hannah Ross, Mehryl Levisse, Jana Zornik, Thomas Judisch, Elke Reinhuber, Nathan de Corte, Funa Ye, Berivan Sayici, Márton Medveczky, Linus Dutz, Olivier Cyganek, Maciek Jakóbczyk, Aiko Okamoto, Julian Meisen, Mike Ruiz, Patryk Karbowski, Karel Verhoeven, Meggy Rustamova etc.


Suggestions or questions about participating should be sent to the project coordinator Alain Bieber:
For press inquiries, please contact Stefanie Krisch: