Art & Design Competition and Exhibition: Currency as Space – deadline 1 March 2014

Open call:  The exhibition BORROWORROB: In Search of Symmetry, in conjunction with the HDLU (Zagreb, Croatia) is holding an open call exhibition for the design of currency.  Entrants are encouraged to design a paper currency, installation, or performance for the geopolitics of space.
If paper currency were space, how would might one use it in exchange? Could each side represent a different value or function?  Could each side be used only in a specific location or space? What spatial distributions occur through the functions of currency?
The HDLU will exhibit submissions during March 2014 in the PM Gallery as part of the exhibition Borroworrob: In Search of Symmetry.  Submissions may be in the form of paper currency, installation or performance.
Currency:   The exhibition considers currency as spatial and a medium which spatializes relationships in varying ways, with varrying intensities, geographically and psychologically.
Exchange: What if currency was never about equalizing relationships — that is, mediating flow of goods and services, cancelling debts and promises — but rather a secret form of exchange, like a dream in which something hidden is exchanged for something apparent, as though two sides of a surface that intersect only when folded. The “space” of currency is changing as its socio-material logic changes; the idea of exchange will also change; the objects (e.g., gold) to which currency was once tied has changed –its point of reference which has been replaced will be replaced yet again.  Currency and space have quasi-fluid and quasi-stable functions.  But a mechanism of exchange is not the same thing as the forces which have assembled it.  How might one explore those forces?  What constrains the flow of currency?
Space: Space is asymmetrical.  Entering space and leaving it, possessing space and losing it are not equivalent forces.  It is continuously conflicted, dynamic, and subject to shifting forces one can’t see, or rules one doesn’t explicitly know.  Is it a real substance, a medium? Or is it a complex function of forces, from a diagram of forces, the relations of which actually constitute space? Is it discrete or continuous?
Asymmetry: The difference between what it takes to earn money and what it takes to spend it involves an asymmetry, but how does the use of money spatialize us in different and asymmetrical ways?
Economic questions are not new as a form of artistic practice that shuttles between political and social research.  They define Courbet’s The Stonebreakers as much as Manet’s Olympia.   But the variations of protest from Occupy to the Arab Spring and the Egyptian Revolution to which many artists are drawn and which articulate economic, social, and political asymmetries, are simultaneously articulated as spatial conflicts which seek legitimacy and symmetry in relation to other forces in which space is opened and closed, bordered, claimed and distributed, tracked and counted, occupied and dispersed.
Open Call:  Currency for the conflict of space
*If multiple authors, please include all author names and just one email.
Registered participants will receive a serial number unique to their currency.
Opening Date for Submissions:  January 15, 2014.
Submission Deadline:  March 1st, 2014.
Technical Requirements and Submission Guidelines:
1. Paper Currency
A4 PDF with the front and back of the proposed currency design on one side of the A4.
2. Alternative Currency
Entrants can suggest other media for currency, installation or performance.  Please describe or illustrate the currency on one side of an A4 sheet and the committee will install (or perform) the described currency or install the A4 sheet.  Please format the directions or explanation in two columns of similar width and height on one side of the A4 sheet.  Please include up to one additional page of directions for installation or performance.
3. Use of Currency
On one additional sheet, please describe in 100 words how the currency is to be used, what kind of space, and the spatial/geographical limits of its use.
4.  Identification
Please identify in the lower left corner of each sheet the serial number that has been assigned to the entrant (or team).
Eligibility: Anyone is eligible to enter
Fee: None
Submission Deadline: March 1, 2014
Submission Process: Upload one pdf (no larger than 4 mb) to
Projects selected for the exhibition will be also be shown along with projects by artists Mladen Stilinovi?, Paolo Cirio, Peter Macapia, Peter Rostovsky, and others.
Themes of space, conflict of space, relation of space, two uses of space, etc., should be considered. 
Entrants are encouraged to consider their own theme of space.  .  . as well as their own definition of space.
. . .
conflict of space
return of space
borrowing of space
spatializing of space
division of space
substitution of space
use of space
closure of space
opening of space
rearrangement of space
folding of space
creation of space
end of space
beginning of space
donation of space
hoarding of space
trade free zones
discretization of space (women’s bathroom/men’s bathroom)
. . .
The Selection Panel and Respondents Currently Include:
Vito Acconci
Paolo Cirio
Dejan Krši?
Peter Macapia
Brett Scott
*This project and exhibition made possible by the generous support of FACE Croatia, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, and the HDLU Treasury and Mint.