Art Data Money – Furtherfield

Art Data Money

We are proud to announce a new programme at Furtherfield. Art Data Money aims to build a commons for arts in the network age, and invites people to join us and discover new ways for cryptocurrencies and big data to benefit us all.

While the sustainability and legitimacy of our global systems are daily called into question, our critical, artistic network cultures point to a wealth of possibilities for mutual prosperity.

The Art Data Money programme at Furtherfield includes:

– Art Shows where finance, cryptocurrencies and data are made tangible through critically engaging and feelable artworks for everyone.

– Labs using hacking, play, and artistic techniques to take apart existing financial structures; algorithms and data flows to discover how they work and create new more participatory models.

– Debates involving an alliance of diverse partners to generate new conversations, networks, and ways of organising value exchanges across traditional divides.

‘AltCoins, cryptotokens, smart contracts and DAOs [Digital Autonomous Organisations] are tools that artists can use to explore new ways of social organisation and artistic production. The ideology and technology of the blockchain and the materials of art history (especially the history of conceptual art) can provide useful resources for mutual experiment and critique’ – Rob Myers