AND THEN/somedancers karaoke competition – deadline 20 June 2007

### AND THEN/somedancers karaoke competition

### AND THEN is a wonderful literary magazine based in New York but with content from all over the world

### The current edition has a little collaboration in it – a song with lyrics by Robert Roth and Carletta Joy Walker and music by Michael Szpakowski

### On this site there is a shockwave movie with a performance of the song and a karaoke backing ( You can toggle between the two with the ‘song/karaoke’ button provided. Both are started by pressing the triangular ‘play’ button bottom left. You will need the shockwave plug in for your browser )

### You are invited to do one of two things:

*****(1) Record yourself ( hints for doing this ) or a friend or you & a friend or your hockey team or whatever singing the song to the karaoke backing

*****(2) Transform the song in some way – new lyrics, visuals, as you like really – then do step (1) or record it in some other way, video, audio, whatever…

****THEN…send your finished piece (or a link where I can grab it) to to be posted on this page.. forever ( if you’re mailing & it’s a big file please mail me first!).

### The deadline is June 20th, although of course if a particularly brilliant one appears soon afterwards we will cheat. The result will be announced as soon after that as we can reasonably manage.

### We’d be particularly tickled to receive contributions in languages other than English

### The best piece in each category (straight karaoke or transformation) in the opinion of me, Robert & Carletta will receive a bottle of champagne (or chocolates or something – flowers, I dunno – if you don’t drink), a copy of the current AND THEN & also a copy of Robert’s marvellous new book ‘Health Proxy’

### We look forward eagerly to receiving your work & presenting it to the world – it will appear here

### If you can’t wait to see if you’ve won to get your copy of AND THEN #13 or Robert’s book you can order them here ( & I promise you won’t regret either):

Health Proxy