Amsterdam Film eXperience – deadline 1 September 2007


The Amsterdam Film eXperience (AFX) is an annual international short film festival that celebrates exploration. AFX loves audiovisual productions that explore the boundaries of film, the boundaries between media and the boundaries of storytelling. Short films, music videos, animations, interactive film, video art and all the crossovers you can think of: AFX will show the most innovative and challenging productions from around the world. Do you feel your audiovisual productions are breaking the rules of cinema? Then join AFX and send in your work before September 1st, 2007. Show the world your stuff and be part of an inspiring cinematic experience on November the 2nd, 3rd and 4th in Het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam. Mail and ask for the submission form. Or mail for more info.

beautiful stories interestingly told / new technology / guerrilla techniques / narrative abstraction / crossover animation / buzz, clicks & visual chaos / off the big screen (invading your space)