Amodern 8: Translation–Machination, guest-edited by Christine Mitchell and Rita Raley

Announcing the launch of Amodern 8: Translation–Machination
An issue guest-edited by Christine Mitchell and Rita Raley

Amodern 8: Translation–Machination

Christine Mitchell and Rita Raley

“LOVE.ABZ and the Task of the Machine Translator: An Interview with Otso Huopaniemi”
Rita Raley

“The Translation of Process”
John Cayley

“Whether Something Works: Finding the Human in the Margins of Machine Translation”
Christine Mitchell

“Optophonic Reading, Prototyping Optophones”
Tiffany Chan, Mara Mills, Jentery Sayers

“Crypto-Monolingualism: Machine Translation and the Poetics of Automation”
Avery Slater

“The Cryptological Origins of Machine Translation: From al-Kindi to Weaver”
Quinn DuPont

“Translating the Future: Transpilers and the New Temporalities of Programming in JavaScript”
Andrew Pilsch

“The Complexity of Poetic Pattern: Recreating Early Work in Machine Translation”
Nick Montfort

“Translate and Describe: Archive-Based Image Description as an Intermedia Translation Technique”
Jane Birkin

“Translation and Optical Media: Spirit-Channeling in Edward FitzGerald’s Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám”
Karin Littau

“Translational Granularity”
Joe Milutis



AMODERN is a peer-reviewed, open access scholarly journal devoted to the study of media, culture, and poetics. Its purpose is to provide a forum for interdisciplinary conversations about the role of media and technology in contemporary cultural practices. We are particularly interested in those topics that normally escape scrutiny, or are ignored or excluded for whatever reason.

The journal is distinguished by its focus on poetics as a scholarly practice, with particular emphasis on the unruly ways that people deploy media and technology behind, beneath, and despite their instrumental functions. Against thegrain of determinism, we hope to attract work that bears witness to media as complex assemblages of institutions, subjects, bodies, objects, and discourses.

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