Allenheads Contemporary Arts residency – deadline 18 April 2007

ACA – Allenheads Contemporary Arts

2 Residency Opportunities


‘The properties of elements often reflect the properties of life itself – volatile, inert, lustrous, precious, brittle…’ Primo Levi

Allenheads Contemporary Arts (ACA) would like to receive proposals from artists interested in following a line of research into the earth’s base elements. The project aims to explore in broad terms, how we comprehend and relate to the matter of our planet.

Artists will be able to invite a collaborator from any field of the arts or sciences, to bring their knowledge and experience to the project.

These 2 residencies are the first in the Base Elements series, which will collectively present a broad picture of our complex relationship with planet earth. It is planned that the series will culminate in a conference, exhibition and publication.

Each residency is for a flexible period of up to 3 months taking place between May and December 2007.

Artist’s fee: £1800 pcm + travel, accommodation, studio and production expenses.

Application Deadline: April 18th 2007

For more information and application details visit