Alison Norrington on the Living Room Lecture Series, 15 June 2007, 3pm

[Alison is a student on DMU’s Creative Writing and New Media MA]

As a part of the Living Room Lecture Series, De Geuzen welcomes author Alison Norrington.

The event will be streamed live from Rotterdam at

FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2007 @ 15:00

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For the Female Icons series, Norrington will be lecturing about her own experiences in the world of Chick Lit, a rapidly expanding genre of women’s contemporary fiction. Talking about some of the characters in her novels, she will discuss the possibilities and restraints of the genre as a whole.

Norrington’s lecture is a part of De Geuzen’s Living Room Lectures, a series of talks hosted in our respective homes.

Alison Norrington is the author of Class Act, Look Before You Leap and Three of A Kind. She has written articles for The Irish Star, Irish Tatler and Evening Herald. She is also a regular contributer to Women’s Way.

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De Geuzen’s Living Room Lectures are part of the Female Icons series.