Agence TOPO call for multimedia works – ongoing deadline

Agence TOPO is looking for multimedia titles to expand its Electronic Showcase

Agence TOPO is an artist-run center dedicated to the production, creation, dissemination and distribution of independant multimedia works. We currently aim to expand our on-line catalogue of multimedia titles distributed through our online Electronic Showcase.

The Electronic Showcase of the TOPO Agency is a site of reference, promotion and sale of interactive cd-roms, dvd-roms, video dvds and other artistic publications integrating a multimedia component.

Agence TOPO is interested by artistic artworks from Canada and abroad, innovatives in terms of narrative structure, artistic content or interactive strategies. The artworks of our current catalogue fall within one of the following categories: multimedia fiction, narrative, poetic or random, interactive or random poetry, interactive cartoon, interactive art, interactive video, dvd-video and reference work. To this list can be added any other type of artwork involving an original interactive dynamic, a content or a thematic that responds to the editorial lines of the Electronic Showcase. Artist’s portfolios, catalogues, and Web sites reproduced on a cd/dvd will not be considered.

By referencing and distributing works created since 1995, the Electronic Showcase retraces some reference points in the short history of interactive art on a physical media, the evolution of technology and the definition of a new language.

We thus invite the multimedia artistic community to propose new titles to our selection committee. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or even to let us know about an ongoing project you would like to suggest.

You will find an interactive form online at

Thank you for your collaboration.

Agence TOPO
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