After Convergence – Issue 13 of the Fibreculture Journal now online

Edited by Caroline Bassett (University of Sussex, UK), Maren Hartmann (University of the Arts Berlin, Germany), Kate O’Riordan (University of Sussex, UK)

After convergence: what connects? Making this question the subject of this special issue we set out to address two questions at once. The first was: ‘Are we after convergence?’ and by this we meant to invite explorations of the exhaustion of the original convergence model. The second was: ‘What kind of convergence are we after?’ Which is to say what kind of convergence do we want?

Adrian Mackenzie – Wirelessness as Experience of Transition

David M. Berry – A Contribution Towards A Grammar of Code

Jonathan Sterne, Jeremy Morris, Michael Brendan Baker and Ariana Moscote Freire – The Politics of Podcasting

Caroline Bassett – New Maps for Old?: The Cultural Stakes of ‘2.0’

Teodor Mitew – Repopulating the Map: Why Subjects and Things are Never Alone

Aylish Wood – Proliferating Connections and Communicating Convergence

Helen Thornham – Making games? Towards a theory of domestic videogaming

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