A Virtual Memorial – Shoah project – deadline 30 September 2009

The new freedom of travelling within the European countries has the effect that nowadays all interested people are able to visit all the places of horror like Dachau, Terezin or Auschwitz and perceive with their hands and senses what the industrial extermination of human beings may mean, even if this is blasting any human imagination. Now only the chances are good, that the perception of Nazi history can be transmitted from one generation to the another, a history which does not represent a local German phenomenon only, but a basic part of European history since all European countries were affected suffering from the Fascist ideology. This represents the historical approach of the videoart project.

It is planned to include exclusively video works, created and produced after 1989, thus works standing under the impression of the revolutionary political, cultural and social changes after the fall of the wall and the rapid technological development taking place at the same time as a historical coincidence causing the digitalisation of the media also in contemporary art, and/or works produced especially on occasion of the exhibition project.

As an exhibition of contemporary art, it is addressed to an open minded and reflecting audience, prepared to deepen and intensify a discussion on the subject, as well as on the art works via accompanying events like lectures, workshops etc.

A Virtual Memorial – memorial project environments is looking for artists who work on the subject “SHOAH/holocaust” in digital media, primarily videoart/filmart, but also netart, soundart, digital photography and media installation.

Deadline: 30 September
Proposals can be sent via email to
subject line: SHOAH