5th E-Poetry festival call for papers and works – deadline 1 December 2008


On behalf of the scientific committee and Prof. Glazier, President of the E-poetry Festival, I am glad to inform you about the 5th edition of the E-Poetry Festival, which will take place in Barcelona in 2009 (May 24th-27th) at the Universitat Obertat de Catalunya (UOC) hosted by the Hermeneia Research Group. E-Poetry is both a conference and a festival. The festival is the most significant digital literary gathering in the field. Authors and researchers worldwide meet and present their researches and works. This will permit researchers to present their latest research and artists to premier their newest works. A selection of the papers will be published after the conference following the peer review system and we will also like to publish proceedings of the conference. Artistic events will take place at key Barcelona venues such as the Barcelona Center for Contemporary Culture (CCCB: http://www.cccb.org/en/), providing authors the opportunity to present their works to a public curious about new literary and artistic trends employing technology and communication during the Setmana de la Poesia, that is also sharing a part of our artistic program.

Katherine Hayles (UCLA), Roberto Simanowski (Brown University) and Jean Clément ( Université Paris 8 ) have already accepted to be key-note speakers. The UOC’s research group Hermeneia with the collaboration of Electronic Poetry Center (University of Buffalo) and the Laboratoire Paragraph (Univ. Paris VIII) will organize the event. You are invited to submit original papers (not presented in other conferences) and works for the Conference & the Festival.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us for any further information you may require.


Paper topics:

– Close readings of specific works of e-poetry.
– Discussing the terminology: ontologies and definitions of e-poetry and e-lit forms: a historic approach to e-poetry.
– Relations between e-poetry and other literary and artistic forms and movements.
– Translating e-poetry
– Recording, presenting, archiving and preserving e-poetry. Devices, modalities and writing tools.
– Teaching e-poetry: experiences, results and goals.

Abstracts should be in English. Presentations of papers should last no longer than 20 minutes and should be original.

Researchers and scholars should send an abstract of approximately 500 words before December 1st to hermeneia [at] uoc.edu


Authors wishing to present works of e-poetry should submit the following before December 1st:

1) A 500 word abstract describing the work, how the author intends to present it, and any technical requirements (presentation should not exceed 20 minutes). The title of the work and all authors should be clearly identified. The abstract should be sent to hermeneia [at] uoc.edu

2) If the work is published online, the URL at which it is located should be included in the abstract.

3) If the work is a non-web application, is published in other media than the web, or is performance-dependent, three copies of a CD-ROM or DVD including the work or video documentation of the work should be sent before December 1st to:

Laura Borràs Castanyer, Professor
Languages and Cultures Studies
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Av. Tibidabo 39-43
08035 Barcelona


The deadline for abstracts and works is December 1st. After the reviewing process, a response will be given after Christmas. Final papers must be submitted by 31st March for translation and proceedings.

A specific website for with further information will be actualized at the Hermeneia site: www.hermeneia.net (with language selection option).


Philippe Bootz (Univ. Paris 8)

Sandy Baldwin (U. West Virginia)
Giselle Beiguelman (Catholic University of São Paulo)
John Cayley (Brown University)
Rita Raley (UC Sta. Barbara)
Rui Torres (Fernando Pessoa University)
Janez Strehovec (Univ. Ljubljana)
Susana Pajares Tosca (IT University of Copenhagen)
Joan Elies Adell (UOC)
Laura Borràs Castanyer (UOC)
Giovanna di Rosario (UOC)
Carles Lindín (UOC)


Loss Pequeño Glazier

María Mencía
Wilton Azevedo
Philippe Bootz
Patrick Burgeaud
Friedrich Block
Philippe Castellain
Jason Nelson
Joerg Piringer
Joan Elies Adell
Laura Borràs Castanyer


Submission of abstracts and proposals should go to: hermeneia [at] uoc.edu. Questions about the seminar should be directed whether to hermeneia [at] uoc.edu or to Laura Borràs: lborras [at] uoc.edu