4mations call for ideas – deadline 2 July 2008

Hi there,

4mations loves animation and we hear you’re pretty good at making them, so how about we pay you to make some for us?

You’ve got till the 2nd July to send us your killer idea for a mini-series, a viral one-off or a game and then until 8th September to make it. Simple.

4mations wants to be the centre of your animated universe. There are cash rewards & other stuff for uploaded animations – but that’s to come, here’s what we’re looking for right now…

Web: www.4mations.tv
Blog: blog.4mations.tv
Twitter: @4mations

We’d like you to produce either a:


Length: Between 1 and 3 minutes per episode

Format: A comedy mini-series that should be either a) narrative, sitcom style OR b) sketches on a theme.


Duration: Between 15 and 90 seconds

Format: Funny films with great punch lines or a comic payoff. We want something to make us chuckle.


If you have ideas for flash games, why not throw those in too? It could be a stand-alone game idea or a spin-off from your mini-series or viral film.

You don’t even have to know how to code a game, if it’s a good idea, we’ll bring in our crack team to make it work.


How to Submit: By Email

Send us a short script or a one page treatment (clear and relevant filenames please!) and at least one design to , with the subject line “4mations”. We’d love to see examples of other funny animations you’ve made in the past.

How to Submit: By Snail

If you really, really want to send your proposal by snail mail, then mark your envelope “4mations” and post to Lupus Films, Studio 212, Blackbull Yard, 24-28 Hatton Wall, London EC1N 8JH.

Legal Gubbins

Please bear in mind that all images, music and voices used in your films must be your copyright or cleared for UK TV and worldwide web transmission.


Funny, sick, madcap, odd, surreal or just simply a bit wrong. But please don’t send us anything offensive, blasphemous, libellous or slanderous, because we can’t use it and that would just be a shame.

Any form of animation is acceptable, so let your imagination run wild (keeping budget and schedule in mind of course). It’s web based animation, so it doesn’t need to be super slick.

Once a week in a featured slot on the home page of the shiny new 4mations site.

Anyone and everyone from 16 upwards.

Between £500 and £1,000 per episode, (depending on duration and technique); a little bit more for a game.

We will make our final selection in early July. The completed films need to be with us by the second week of September 2008.

2nd July 2008. Don’t miss it!