+ 40:CALL FOR CULTURAL RESISTANCE – deadline 16 March 2012 #artopps


+ 40:CALL FOR CULTURAL RESISTANCE is a project developed by QUACK2012.ORG with the aim to disseminate the message and the spirit of the iconic guerilla book How to Read Donald Duck: Imperialist Ideology in the Disney Comic (Dorfman & Mattelart), published in 1971 in Chile.

“How to Read Donald Duck” constitutes a fascinating model of how a work of cultural resistance can successfully reach millions of readers from around the world and from every possible social background. Written in 1971, in the middle of a Chilean revolutionary process, which advanced not just the social and economic emancipation of its citizens but also its cultural liberation from imported forms of mass entertainment, the book was an insolent manifesto that appropriated copyrighted images without consent; the first of its kind to offer a radical interpretation of the neo-liberal values that were being transmitted through the (apparently) not so innocent comic strip characters of the world of Disney.

Burned in Chile on September 11, 1973, the book then spread like wildfire around the world with more than a millions copies in print in a dozen languages. The book became a cornerstone in the field of cultural studies and communication. John Berger aptly called it a “manual for decolonization”.

In 1975, the US government seized 3,500 copies of the book for copyright violations. Even though they lost the case, no one has dared to publish it in the USA. Download the Apendix about this fascinating case.

The call is for electronic art, graphic design (posters, logos, comic strips, stencils), collective action (performance, happenings, flash mobs, etc…) and video (short and animated clips).

The pieces selected will be part of a virtual and physical-site exhibit, interactive and urban installations, video screenings, and a web-conference that will be launched on May 1st, 2012.

check http://www.melloweb.com/QUACK2012/ for more information