391.org dadacast #4

Special Edition: You Know Those Days When You’re Stuck In A Cell Between Two Bored Prisoners With Attention Deficit Disorder Whose Radios Are Only Tuned To State Sponsored Dada Stations That Play The Same Crap Every Day

19m39s. By 391.org featuring music by Escha, Interstitial, St.Lucy-du-Haha and babel.

“Adopt symmetries and rhythms instead of principles. Oppose world systems and acts of state by transforming them into a phrase or a brush stroke… What we are celebrating is both buffoonery and a requiem mass.”
– Hugo Ball, 12/3/1916

“The ‘simultaneous poem’ has to do with the value of the voice… The noises represent the background – the inarticulate, the disastrous, the decisive. The poem tries to elucidate the fact that man is swallowed up in the mechanistic process. In a typically compressed way it shows the conflict of the vox humana with a world that threatens, ensnares, and destroys it, a world whose rhythm and noise are ineluctable.”
– Hugo Ball, 30/3/1916