2011 Rhizome Commissions cycle now open – deadline 14 April 2011

The 2011 round of Rhizome Commissions is now open –


This year, Rhizome will commission ten international emerging artists to create original works of new media art, with grant awards ranging from $1000 to $5000. Projects can can manifest for a variety of contexts, including the web, mobile devices, the gallery or public settings. Grant awards can be applied to any stage of the project.

Two of the commissions will be determined by Rhizome’s membership through an open vote. The majority will be decided by a jury consisting of Lauren Cornell, executive director of Rhizome, Tina Kukelski, Associate Curator of the Carnegie International 2003; Candice Madey, founder of On Stellar Rays gallery; and, critic and curator Domenico Quaranta.

To learn about eligibility, process and procedures of the 2011 Commissions Program, see our procedures page.


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